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refiloe & cliff                                                                     1st march 2003

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March 31st 2003 Some pictures of the couple are up for viewing - more to come..
May 12th 2003 Finally received the wedding album - here is a sneak preview

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We are now finally Mr and Mrs Zephyrine! the purpose of this website was to keep everyone informed on the progress of our wedding and for those who knew cliff and don't know refiloe, and visa versa, were able to "meet" them before the big day although our day has come and gone we will still keep the website going by adding pictures and other interesting stories so please do continue visiting and be sure to sign our guestbook we will be making updates periodically so please come back and visit

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want to know particulars? here we go...
bridal party
where to stay
things to do

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time capsule
march 7th 2003second leg of our honeymoon was in Mauritius - a truly beautiful island
march 3rd 2003 first leg of our honeymoon was driving up the Garden Route - beautiful scenery.
march 1st 2003 what a great and unforgettable day! thanx to Thembi the production manager, Lulu the game show host, and Lebo the room mate.
january 29th 2003 we received the invitations today! so watch your mail box ....
january 11th 2003 our gift list at john lewis in the UK is now up those in the US & other areas please use this - we have been assured that the site is secure
december 8th 2002 'loads of living' & '@ home' have opened our gift list for all the folks in SA... happy shopping
november 27th 2002 both weddings bands have been completed and cliff went to collect them at jeaneve a big thank you to rob and the crew
november 19th 2002 refiloe's traditional dress, which is almost in completion, is being created by the young innovative 'ethno' designer thabani
november 18th 2002 met father arrison who we are very happy to announce will be officiating on the day
october 4th 2002 the stylish cape town company of lush will be doing the floral arrangements and decor for our wedding
september 23rd 2002 have selected photographer marlene de villiers to capture special moments on the day
september 14th 2002 have booked videographer vicky goslin to do us the honours of making us able to replay the day long after it has happened
september 4th 2002 our stationery is being done by the extremely creative team at design hive and we should be sending the physical invitations out by the middle of January
august 22nd 2002 took a long time but finally completed and tested the response form and it's working! so when you receive your electronic intives, please use it...
august 11th 2002 registry shopping... we are looking at registering with shops in south africa, uk and usa to make it easier for everyone - we are busy on the UK front, we will confirm details later for the US and SA
july 8th 2002 refiloe made a trip to johannesburg, had a meeting with the designer Biji for her wedding dress.... and no more will be said...
june 5th 2002 we both made a trip to Trinidad to see family and friends - a great experience for refiloe, and lots of food was consumed
may 15th 2002 it's confirmed - march 1st 2003! finally booked our venue for both ceremony and reception - now we start with the planning...
march 2002 we present to you the birth of our website
february 2002
we have settled on having our wedding on march 2003. you now have plenty of time to make this month available to share with us. we will soon be able to inform you when the exact date is.... watch this space
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