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refiloe & cliff                                                                       1st march 2003

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bouquet(5538 bytes)

for my bridesmaids

Girls, you have helped me through some trying times,
Spared some change when I did not have a dime,
We have laughed together and we have even cried
at different times kept the friendship knot tied
So, please if you’ll do just one more little task,
I promise that this is all I will ever ask:
Will you wear a dress of blue, while I will wear my dress of white - -
Say you will be my bridesmaid on my special wedding night?

shoes.bmp (396054 bytes) ladies

necktie1.jpg (11931 bytes) gents

lulu bam damian dolland
thembi mbengashe jonathan hill
nicole stock simon chen
yvonne chesis
keromang khoboko
lebo mogotsi